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My weakness is that I care too much.

We'll make them so jealous. We'll make them hate us.

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As time goes on...

We will have our hearts broken, probably more than once. And WE will break hearts too. We will waste time on people who don't care about us, and ignore the ones who do. We will learn that beauty is not only skin deep and the ones who realize that will be the ones whom you love the most. We will break up with our significant others, and realize that they might have just been THE ONE when it's already too late.

We will make a lot of friends along the way, but the ones who were there at the beginning will be the ones standing side by side with you till the end. We will learn not to be envious of others, but to thank God for what we have. We will stumble, trip, and fall but we will learn to brush ourselves off, and rise again. We will learn that LUST does not mean LOVE. and that LOVE is not only an emotion but is what life is all about.

Indulge in the world and strive for peace. Share your laughter and smiles with others, be silly and have slumber parties, sing out loud in your car and have pillow fights. Oh yeah--and get drunk as many times as you can with your friends. The memories (and pictures) are priceless.

I absolutely loved this.
Adapted from Tamara. <3

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